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07 July 2010 @ 06:53 pm

2009 was a really good year for animated movies

The other 3 were okay.


Horses for Foreheads
27 January 2006 @ 09:09 am
So. This happened a while ago...

It was a bright, sunny evening in the middle of winter at six pee emm when me and my family sat down to watch a charming piece of 1979 cinema named 'Castle of Cagliostro' on the television channel known as Filmfour.
But to my dismay, when thre film came out we found it to be none other than a god-damn dirty DUB!!


I don't understand...Filmfour always plays the subtitled version of foreign films. Sometimes they even dub the english language movies into french and then add subtitles on. They're THAT classy.
So why...with a film with a less than satisfactory dubbed version which is aimed squarely at an audience intellectual enough to be able to read would they would they run this retarded, hacked up, can't understand the difference between adapting a script and making shit up slice of bollocks pie which is what any Miyazaki movie becomes once the Americans get hold of the thing and try to 'improve' it.

i've never understood why the people in charge of releasing these movies think it nessercery to fill every mopment in the move where a characters mouth isn't immediatly visable with a random, inane piece of commentary which the visuals already explain. Maybe they thought the American public would be scared if there was ever a few second of film where no-one was talking...gah. the whole thing is so mornic I'm not even having any fun critising it...I feel like I'm kicking a pathetic p[iece of road kill...a huge, million-dollar industry of a piece of roadkill...

Filmfour have let themselves down and, more importantly, they've let me down. They will be hearing from me. Oh yes. I will write a letter and it will make them cry.

Do you remember when this journal was funny?
Me neither...

03 January 2006 @ 10:38 pm
Charlie and Lola is the best British animated Tv show of 2005. Everyone needs to see it and all who cannot find it in their hearts to love it will be mutilated.
02 November 2005 @ 04:15 pm


Yeah, I'm back. What of it?

So. Wallace and Gromit. Corpse Bride.

A lot of people seem dissapointed by the Wallace and Gromit movie (except the Americans who were all blown away by it). I was. But then, on leaving the cinema it dawned on me that it was actually a bloody good film which rejected the pitiful Dreamworks formula of spitting out endless, cheap, unfunny gags in favour of a strong storyline with well-developed characters. I think a problem some people might have is the feel of the movie is no different from the original TV shorts. Of course, What they is failing to realise is the shorts were always very cinematic anyway. The film is exactly what it should be, Aardman have reached a stage where they really don't need to prove anything to anyone. To maximise your enjoyment of the film; eat a large roast dinner beforehand, invite all your family along with you and stick some Christmas lights up on your seat.


Corpse Bride was good. It had it's problems, mainly with the musical numbers, jerky animation and that silly maggot character but all in all it was an enjoyable romp through Tim Burton land which lived up to expectations, but didn't surpass them.
Nightmare Before Christmas it ain't, in fact, the pervious Timmy McBurton film it reminded me of most was Beetlejuice.

This update sucks!

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PS. Paul Whitehouse is a God.
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26 July 2005 @ 09:49 pm
What does everyone think of this?
I've seen a couple of episodes, it's good fun but I have a little gripe about it, y'see.

Batman talks too much...The show's direction is very visually informative and the storyline's are simple, you can instantly tell what's going on without a running commentary.

Also, i know this is shallow of me, but I don't like Batman- Sorry, THE Batman's tiny little ears. They looked so cool when they were long, I can understand Jeff "That doesn't look anything like Jackie Chan" Matsuda wantuing to get away from the cliché designs...But his head looks...It looks...

Okay, you know Knuckles, the red echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog...You know he has these round hands with the tint little claws...That's what The Batman's head looks like.

I'm also ever so slightly confused by Bruce Waynes bestest buddy...Mr. Generic Black Cop Character With No Personality Traits Other Than Being Black And Being A Cop.
Usually this is the kind of character Tv Producers reserve for single episodes when they need a stock character to kill off. Someone who'll go outside to investigate a strange noise go 'Oh, HELL no!' and then never be seen again.

Obviously the Generic Black Cop Character's With No Personality Traits Other Than Being Black And Being A Cop Union has been on Warner Brothers case. So we have this useless lump of meat appear every episode to 'shoot some hoops' with Wayne.

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One last thing...

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Now, go and watch THIS
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15 July 2005 @ 02:20 pm
It is not uncommon for my friend, Rob to call me an 'Animé-hater'. This simply isn't true; I'm a 'hackneyed piece of low-quality shit' hater. Since this seems to be the only sort of Jaspanese television animation that reaches this side if the globe, I pretty much decided to skip TV animé all together and focus on aquainting myself with some of the higher-rated films available.

I started off easy, Miyazaki. Lovely. I haven't seen a single film by him I haven't loved. Great. awesome, when the fuck is Howls Moving Castle coming to the UK anyway?
Then I decided I'd look into some of the darker stuff around. A friend of mine was raving about a movie called Ghost in the Shell, I borrowed his copy of it and prepared myself for awesome.
I HATED it! Pretentious, arrogant, incomprehensible, pointless, flawed, showy, poorly-written TOSH!

It's now a few years later, and I pretty much consider myself to be an expert on everything. If I see one screencap, hear one line of dialouge, hear one persons opinion on anything then I'll instantly form a rock-solid judgement of it and I'll tell you something else; I haven't been wrong yet...or if I have, then I've convinced myself that I was right all along anyway. And this went double for Animé, I sneered at Japanese school-girl uniforms, at high-concept science fiction masterpieces and…fucking cat ears. But there was one Animé which crept up on me and took me totally by surprise.

I saw it in Blockbuster, reduced to about £13, which is still quite a lot for me to pay for a DVD I don’t know anything about. But when I flipped the box over and saw the stills from the film; I fell in love. The images were bold and striking with bright, saturated colours in cased in thin outlines with jagged, pitch black shading. My penis quivered at the prospect of a film that looked like this even existing but then I thought ‘What if it’s bad. What if the script is a complete piece of pants and the animation doesn’t do any justice to the images’. I decided I’d find out more about it and left the shop.

Then I went back and bought the film.

I couldn’t help myself, these clever bastards had created a product that was an advertisement for itself, the images were burnt onto the inside of my eyelids, I just had to have it. I had to find out for myself.

So I watched the film, Dead Leaves, it’s called. And I’m glad to report I loved every frame of it, every gloriously silly minute of the thing (of which there are about 59 by the way) is just packed to the brim with low-brow, jump up and down, roll on the floor laughing entertainment.
I am glad I bought this DVD, I’m also slightly scared I bought this DVD, I am very much now a fan of the film and all involved and will be eagerly anticipating anything else that comes out of this team.

Anyway, long story short. I’m going to be taking more risks with my viewing from now on. I'm just about to watch 'The Fearless Vampire Killers' and I've lined up a bunch of other films which I may or may not enjoy which are next on my list of evil. Recommendations might be nice...
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30 June 2005 @ 01:15 pm
After more than THREE WEEKS! My Ren and Stimpy DVD has finally shipped.
I haven't got it yet but at least they thought to send the thing off.
You know what really pissed me off, every week these guys sent me an E-mail saying 'Just a reminder: You have an order placed with us!' To me that says 'Yeah, we know you're waiting and WE DON'T CARE because we already have your money! SUCKA!!!'

Anyway, today I will talk about...uh...The SaveUms...

...I've never seen it...

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24 June 2005 @ 06:04 pm
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22 June 2005 @ 12:43 pm
The new chaoter of Xombie has been out fror two days and no-one told me!! Damn you James Farr, you said July 1st!! And just where the hell was that newsletter I signed up for?!!
Anyway, it was excellant as always...I spent the entire animation fiddling with the quality settings in a futile attempt to see every frame. But even in this jerky/ pixellated state it was still something very special.
Looking forward to the movie...alot!

Geoff Edwards has sween this comic! GASP!!

Now. Go check out this. Because it's freakin' sweet: http://www.le-building.com/ - I have to tell you though, it goes by so quickly it might take a couple of viewings to register. That's fine though because if you like it as much as I do then you'll watch it about 50 times...
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21 June 2005 @ 12:14 pm
What do Warner Brothers aniomation department have on offer for TV at the moment? Let's see...
There's Teen Titans, that's okay. There's Mucha Lucha...that's...tolerable I suppose. Ah, but then there's the Justice League which might not be so bad if they sorted out the dialouge but, at the moment, sucks beyond all possible comprehension.
The trouble is, Warner Brothers are too formulaic. They're afraid to try out new things and think outside the box. If only there was a cost-effective way to test new content from new talent worldwide. That certasinly would rock...Yup...




WAIT A MINUTE!!!!1!!!! Of course! There's Cartoon Monsoon!, Warner Brothers flash-based testing ground for new animation. It's probably seen around for a while now, bit I only found out about it yesterday so that means it's shiny and fresh and just wonderful. Everything on that site is wonderful!

Well...Okay...Maybe not everything there is WONDERFUL! But there is definately entertainment to be had from all the shorts on the site. Which is more than you can say for Warner Brothers TV lineup.

It's true, though, that some are better than others. So here's a rundown of my favourites:

That's my Boys Fairly hysterical stuff, the scripts humour is mainly based around screaming various phrases. But no-one's watching this for the writing, this show is great because of the hilarious Spumco-y animation. That's right, Spumco-y flash animation. Not even Spumco managed to pull off Soumco-y flash animation. Some great gags and a pea-brained plot hold the thing together nicely.

Creepwood Zombies! Haha! 'Spolding shooty zombie fun! This show has great hand-drawn artwork and the animation is fun. Okay, so the three main characters are a little bland. But you've got to admire the kind of mind which came up with the concept of the monster boyfriend. The malfunctioning weapons is a nice touch, too.

Go go! Moba Boy! How do I desscribe this bizzarre sugar-rush of a cartoon? An affectionate parody of zippy, no-brain animé? A humerous tribute to zippy, no-brain animé? Or something else? Something rather new and rather special? It took a couple of scenes for me to get my brain in the right gear. But after I got past that initial phase I laughed pretty much all the way through. This cartoon is also notable for it's use of the word 'retarded' which really shouldn't be funny on it's own but I'm afraid it just is...

Very Bad Children Messy, gothic, macarbe-lite fun. It's not without it's flaws but the concept is just too great for this piece not to get on my little list. Plus, the colour design is spiffy!

The Hiro's This is refreshing. There's a brother-sister team who go out and save the world and stuff. What's their motivation? GREED! Yes, it's all about the money! It's so obvious...why has no-one thought of it before?! Aside from this little quirk this was a pretty generic thingabob. Except for the character Razo; who is just fucking hilarious. He's not goofy, you understand, in fact he's quite the reverse. In fact, Razo's antics are so funny that he upstages every other character in the show almost to the extent that they just become part of the background and you don't care about them at all...

A few other shows which are not as good as the ones above but are still good: Keepin' up with the Joneses, Gorilla Girl, Superhero Intern and Oh, Shoot!

So, there you go. If you hadn't heard of this website then you may shower me with many thankyou's. If you have then EAT ME, YOU BITCH!!!

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